Year 3 & 4 Class News

TTRS Tournament winners (wb 01 March)

Posted on Monday 08 March 2021 by Mrs Rowley

Hello again to all of the Times Tables Rock Stars out there,

 Firstly, welcome back to school. We’ve missed rocking out with you.

Hopefully, last week was our final tournament from home.  Everyone has been working so hard and… What’s that?


The results are in. We have our ROCK STARS OF THE WEEK.

Recording an average score of 110, the winning year group is year 5 by a clear mile – WOW! 

Now that we’re back in school, there’ll be opportunities to play in class as well as at home. Give your teacher a nudge as the week goes on if you’ve not yet had a chance to play. If you’d like to play at home and would like a reminder of your login details, let your teacher know.

You could be in next week’s winning team. 

 All the best, TTRS!

Times Tables Rock Stars: tournament time

Posted on Monday 01 March 2021 by Mrs Rowley

Calling all Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS),


It’s great to see that so many of you have been rocking those times tables as part of your home learning.

ALL classes are putting on great performances so now we’re raising the stakes.

Each week, you will be competing in a tournament with the other KS2 classes. The scores of you and your classmates will be added together to decide who will achieve the honour of being… ROCKSTARS OF THE WEEK!


In fact, we set up a warm-up tournament last week and the results are in…

Congratulations to Year 6 who achieved a WHOPPING 286 results.


Who will reach top spot in the charts next week?

Rules for the gig are simple:

  1. Log on to TTRS.
  2. Play on any game mode. We recommend Garage and Soundcheck.
  3. Check the class news page on Mondays to see if your class is the weekly winner. If you practise at the weekend, your scores will still be counted.

All the best, TTRS!


Two truths and a lie…

Posted on Wednesday 10 February 2021 by Mrs Rowley

We’ve been having great fun during our daily afternoon zooms playing different games and quizzes.

One of the games we play is ‘two truths and a lie’. In this game, one person will say three statements. Two are true statements and one is a lie.

Here are Mrs Welsby’s statements.

And, here are Mrs Rowley’s statements.

Can you figure out which are the lies? We’d love for you to join in with our game. Email your two truths and a lie to and we can add it to our daily afternoon zoom!


Here are the answers to Mrs Welsby’s and Mrs Rowley’s statements.

How are you doing?

Posted on Saturday 06 February 2021 by Mrs Rowley

Its been 5 weeks of home learning and with just one left until half term!

How are you finding it?

Are you managing to get out and do some exercise? Have you read any good books? Jack has done both of these recently!

Mrs Welsby and I have got a challenge for you!

When we go back to school, we will be doing ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ again so we’d like to challenge you to learn this dance that has gone viral around the world (you’re watching the Irish Garda but lots of other people have participated around the world!). Here is a video tutorial to help you – Mrs Welsby and I will  be learning it too!

Newsworthy writing

Posted on Tuesday 02 February 2021 by Mr Roundtree

From Mr Catherall, who is leading the Y3,4 home learning writing sessions…

Hi everyone

I hope you’re all happy, healthy and safe. I wanted to share with you – and celebrate – some of the awesome writing that’s been sent in by children across our federation. Home learning is tough. There are many challenges, for children and adults, but these superstars have been ready, resourceful and resilient learners. (Can you remember the other 8Rs for learning?)

In the Y3,4 phase, we spent last week building up to writing our own news report about a (made-up) volcanic eruption. This links to our geography and science learning.

Here are a small selection of the wonderful examples we’ve been sent in from all three schools. If you’d like to send yours in, I’d love to see it (send me an email –

From my class at Scholes (Elmet)… I love the varied sentence starts in this one (Late on Friday night, On Saturday, In the escape).

We’ve got a budding journalist at St James’ CE… I really like the news report structure here.

Back to Scholes (Elmet) for some another great piece… This time, I really like the main news section (the first paragraph in bold) because it’s exactly like you’d read in a newspaper or online.

Some amazing writing from Moortown… I love the expanded noun phrase (the orange, glowing liquid) and the vocabulary (predicted, nightfall, terrified) in this one.

Another super piece of writing from my class at Scholes (can you tell I’m proud?!)… There’s a lot to celebrate here – particularly the vocabulary (menacing, catastrophic, awoke, ear-splitting, historic)…

Back at Moortown for another great example of journalistic writing… I particularly enjoyed the use of questions to engage the reader and the way this writer has presented their news report in the style of a newspaper.

Another impressive report from Scholes… In this one, I love the vocabulary (citizens, fled on foot, vast amount).

Whatever writing you’ve managed to do at home, well done! After the last lockdown, writing was one of the few areas that we noticed children hadn’t progressed in. Try to help by completing at least one of the writing lessons each day (and always keep a focus on handwriting).

Three peaks in eight weeks – walking challenge!

Posted on Monday 01 February 2021 by Mrs McCormick

The Sphere Year 3/4 Team would absolutely love you to be part of this awesome challenge this February and March. We want to get you walking or running (or scooting!) as much as you can over the next two months.

Every time you do a walk or run, add the distance completed (and your time taken to complete this) in your chart. We will be adding up everyone’s distances each week to see how many of us can ‘climb’ the National three peaks. In topic this week and next, we will be learning about some mountains in the UK, so what could be better than a virtual mountain climbing challenge!

The three mountains in the challenge are the highest in each country in the UK:

  • Snowdon, in Wales (1085m) Distance: 7 miles / 11.75 km
  • Scafell Pike, in England (978m) Distance: 5.5 miles / 9 km
  • Ben Nevis, in Scotland (1345m) Distance: 10.75 miles / 17km

You can record your steps taken (paces). The whole route is 37.75 kilometres long, and the average human step (or pace) is 0.75 metres. So you have to take 50,333 steps in total to complete the Three Peaks. Recording steps (paces) taken is easy – you can use a Fitbit, pedometer or just count your steps. A phone can track how many steps you take and how far you walk all by itself, if you walk with an adult who has a phone.

The idea is to make this as much fun as possible, to motivate you to get outdoors and maybe encourage as many of your family and your friends to do the same thing.

You don’t have to do the whole route. Maybe you can choose to ‘walk’ just one mountain, or two – it’s up to you and what you can achieve.

Throughout the month, we will share photos and graphics of the distances you’ve travelled. From this, we can show who has travelled up the peaks and what location we can reach together. Hopefully, we can find ways to help you during this challenge and through this you can share stories, pictures and videos with those joining in this challenge. All ‘Three peaks in eight weeks’ challenge walkers will receive certificates for effort and participation:-

Mountain 1 = Bronze; Mountain 2 = Silver; Mountain 3 = Gold.

recording steps chart

Home learning

Posted on Friday 29 January 2021 by Mrs Welsby


We have nearly made it to the end of January. well done, everyone!

How are you all getting along? It’s been great to hear from you on our daily 2pm zooms and sharing our learning. Which has been your best bits so far?  Lots of you are loving the Geography with Mr Wilks. Siana, Emilija, Will and Brooklyn have all shared their hard work. Anyone else make any rock sandwiches this week?

Siana has shared some lovely spelling spirals. What’s your favourite way of practising you spellings? Don’t forget if you have written a poem with your spellings this week to send them in to us!


Super home learners

Posted on Friday 22 January 2021 by Mrs Rowley

How are you all getting on with your home learning? We have been enjoying our daily zoom’s.  We have loved speak to you each day and seeing all that you have been getting up to. Each day, we have been doing a quick quiz – this has been great fun. If you’re shy and don’t want to speak, but still want to see us and join our zoom, that is fine by us – we have a few children who just give us a thumbs up and a wave.


Here’s a quick picture of one of our zooms this week – we even got to see the chidlren who were in school!


So far… so good…

Posted on Friday 15 January 2021 by Mrs Welsby

So, we’re two weeks into the new term… how are we all doing? It’s lovely to hear how you are getting on at home. Thank you for those of you that have sent in pictures of your learning experiences at home.

Mr Roundtree was very impressed with the video that we received this week from one of our Y4s. This is what he thought: ‘What a well-presented video – very clearly introduced and explained. I enjoyed watching this immensely.‘ Click here to enjoy it for yourself!

It’s also been great to see those of you that have logged in to our 2pm zoom calls this week. Don’t forget, they’re available every weekday and it’s fun being able to see other classmates and share our experiences of home learning and lockdown life.


Pantomime time

Posted on Wednesday 16 December 2020 by Mrs Welsby

What a busy day we have had!

“Oh, no, you haven’t!”

“Oh, yes, we have!”

This morning, in between other school work, we have been decorating our clay jar decorations, and in the afternoon we watched the pantomime about Rapunzel.

Class 3/4 want to say a BIG thank you to the PTA for enabling us to watch the panto this afternoon. Here are some of the things that we said about the show:

Daisy: Thank you so much for letting us watch the pantomime. My favourite character was the dragon and Rapunzel.

Olivia: I enjoyed it because it was super funny.

Jack: It was extremely exciting. I loved the dragon!

Ellie: I enjoyed the bit of the video when the dragon said, “My name is Geoff.”

Mia: I think it is funny when the woman drank the baby potion.

Eliza: The best bit was when the prince and Rapunzel got married.

Louie: I enjoyed it when they all sang.

Leah: Thank you for buying this amazing play – it was brilliant!

Edward: Thanks for the play and thanks for everything. It was super funny.