Wonderful Workshops

Sunday 21 January 2018

We were lucky enough to experience two wonderful workshops in Foundation this week.

The charity D:side visited us at the start of the week. Through a fun and interactive session, the children were taught different ways to keep happy, healthy and safe. They discussed ways to be a good friend, the foods and activities that will keep our bodies healthy and important information about medicines: who is allowed to administer it, where medicines should be stored and why we shouldn’t touch it.

Can your child tell you some facts they have learnt this week about keeping healthy and safe?

On Wednesday, the children  enjoyed their first ‘Mini-Music’ workshop led by ArtForms – Wetherby Music Centre. They had a fantastic time learning percussion instrument names/ how they are played and playing along to a beat, stopping and starting on cue. They also sang songs and played along to the tunes with the instruments. We are looking forward to continuing the music sessions over the next few weeks and developing lots of new skills!