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17 July 2020 : Home learning

Posted on 16 July 2020 by Mrs Latham

Well, it’s here! The last day of term for 2019-20. We hope you are all safe, happy and healthy. Enjoy … Continue reading “17 July 2020 : Home learning”

15 July 2020: Home learning

Posted on 14 July 2020 by Mrs Rowley

Happy Wednesday – you’ve two more get-ups until the summer holidays. Are you ready to be year 4s and year … Continue reading “15 July 2020: Home learning”

17 July 2020: Home Learning

Posted on 16 July 2020 by Miss Beatson

Well done on making it to the end of the school year! I’m so proud of each and everyone of … Continue reading “17 July 2020: Home Learning”


08 November 2019

Posted on 08 November 2019 by Miss Harker

This week’s spellings are from the common exception word lists. Year 1 here there where were pull Year 2 your … Continue reading “08 November 2019”

Friday 06 March

Posted on 06 March 2020 by Mrs Rowley

This week we have been focusing on the suffixes –ful and –less Take the root word and rewrite it by … Continue reading “Friday 06 March”

06 March 2020

Posted on 06 March 2020 by Miss Beatson

‘shun’ endings: tion, sion, ssion Learn for a spelling test next week. ambition reflection infection collision explosion comprehension invasion profession … Continue reading “06 March 2020”