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Posted on 21 May 2018 by Miss Beatson

On Friday, Years 3, 4 and 5 are taking part in a triathlon event at John Charles Centre of Sport. Here is a reminder of what the children will need: PE kit, trainers, swimming kit, towel, packed lunch and water bottle.

Games Night and Ladies Night

Posted on 21 May 2018 by Miss Beatson

A reminder that the PTA are holding a games night for all pupils in Years 1-6, on Friday 08 June. Entry cost is £2 per child and they will have a drink and hot dog on arrival. If you would like your child to attend, please inform the office.

On the same night, there will also be an event for the ladies. There will be games, prizes, a candle pool, nibbles and a glass of bubbly, all for £3 entry. If you would like to attend, please inform the office.

SATs security

Posted on 16 May 2018 by Mr Roundtree

As most of you will know, this week, children in Year 6 are doing end of Key Stage 2 assessments, known as the SATs.

Department for Education (DfE) guidance is clear that schools must do all they can to secure the test papers before and after the test, and to make sure no child (or school) is given an unfair advantage. They refer to ‘maladministration’ – where the tests have not been carried out in a way that ensures the results are fair (in the very worst cases, this might be seen as cheating).

Using the DfE guidance, our governing body is carrying out checks on each school within our federation to make sure each school has robust, secure procedures in place.

In addition, yesterday one of the schools was visited by representatives from the local authority – an unannounced ‘spot-check’: ‘Everything was very carefully organised and the children clearly felt well prepared and supported.’


Posted on 14 May 2018 by Mr Roundtree

It’s important that young people understand the issue of sexual consent, and yet this topic can be difficult to tackle.

A video commissioned by Thames Valley Police, called ‘Consent as Tea‘, makes a useful analogy between having sex and having a cup of tea. (Be aware that there are some spoofs.)

The same studio that produced the Consent as Tea video has created another video aimed at younger children. Have a look and see what you think. It may suit your children, or it might not.

This article from the New York Times has many stories and examples of real-life consent situations that will serve as great discussion starters.

Your views matter!

Posted on 08 May 2018 by Mr Roundtree

At St James’ CE Primary, we’re always keen to hear your views. Most parents and carers are happy to let us know at any point if something’s gone wrong – and even sometimes when things have gone well! However, it’s always useful to collect your views on some standard questions – the same questions that Ofsted use during inspections.

We ask that you visit the survey site and respond to a series of statements – either agree / agree strongly or disagree / disagree strongly (or say that you don’t know). The statements include:

  • My child is happy at school.
  • My child feels safe at this school.
  • My child makes good progress at this school.
  • My child is well looked after.
  • My child is taught well.

There’s also the opportunity to add any comments you may have. The survey should take you about five minutes – maybe a bit longer if you add lots of comments. The survey is open until 11 June.

The results of the survey are used by school leaders, including the governing body, to shape what we do in the future – your views do matter.

As always, if you’ve any questions, comments of concerns, do let us know.


Posted on 08 May 2018 by Mr Roundtree

A Co-op Funeral Service survey has concluded that ‘most Britons will suffer their first loss of a loved one by the time they are 21-years-old’. The Childhood Bereavement Network (CBN) estimate that around one in 29 school-age children have been bereaved of a parent or sibling – that’s roughly one per class.

Stories are a really effective way to help support a child – we recommend you read them at any time, not just following a bereavement. The links below are to YouTube clips.

Check out The Guardians’s Top 10 children’s books on death and bereavement.

Discover more books for teenagers about death and grief (courtesy of Marie Curie).

These three links might help:

Talking about death with your little one (CBeebies)

How to support a bereaved child (Video, Child Bereavement UK)

What helps grieving children and young people (pdf)

These charities can support, too:

Child Bereavement UK:
Child Bereavement Network:
Marie Curie:
Winston’s Wish:

Testing times...?

Posted on 03 May 2018 by Mr Roundtree

The Standards and Testing Agency recently published an information leaflet and video for parents of pupils in Year 6 about key stage 2 (KS2) national curriculum assessments (the ‘SATs’). They provide information about the purpose of the tests, how parents can best support their children and how results will be reported.

The dates of the tests are:

  • Monday 14 May: English grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Tuesday 15 May: English reading
  • Wednesday 16 May: Mathematics papers 1 (arithmetic) and 2 (reasoning)
  • Thursday 17 May: Mathematics paper 3 (reasoning)


Skipping Festival

Posted on 02 May 2018 by Miss Beatson

Well done to all our Year 3 and 4 children who took part in a skipping festival at Boston Spa School today. The whole class came 3rd place- a fantastic achievement!

Phone Brain

Posted on 30 April 2018 by Mr Roundtree

A little-known organisation is the Phone-paid Services Authority, the regulator for content, goods and services charged to a phone bill. They’ve a specific website, called Phone Brain, for young people to help them understand the costs and risks of paying for things by phone.

Phone-paid services are the goods and services that you can buy by charging the cost to your phone bill or pre-pay account. They include directory enquiries, voting on TV talent shows, donating to charity by text or downloading apps on your mobile phone. They’re often referred to as premium rate services. One aspect of the authority’s role is to educate consumers about these services, and protect them from harm.

Phone-paid service numbers are:

  • 070 numbers
  • 0870/0871/0872 and 0873 numbers
  • 09 numbers
  • 118 numbers; and
  • they are sometimes used by apps as a way to pay for things

Phone Brain includes resources for young people, parents, teachers and youth workers. There’s even a page for under-7s.

Staying safe around dogs

Posted on 28 April 2018 by Mr Roundtree

With summer approaching, your child is likely to be playing out and about much more. It’s a good idea to remind them about being careful around dogs, especially if they don’t know the dog, or don’t have a pet. Dogs’ Trust have a really useful booklet about safety around dogs, written with Ambitious about Autism.

Download the booklet here.