Christmas ADVENT-ures!

Saturday 01 December 2018

As the countdown begins, the next few weeks in Foundation will be Winter and Christmas topic-tastic!

The children have already been excitedly talking about the festive season and this has steered our learning toward some spontaneous discussion and activities. We have a new seasonal window filled with beautiful snowflakes. After exploring lots of vocabulary and sharing ideas, the children have written their ‘Winter’ words on them.

See if you can spot our ‘Kindness Advent Calendar’ in the classroom which the children have also collaboratively worked on this week. Each day, we’ll reveal a picture or kind message to our friends.

F2 have been learning about 3D shape names and their properties. The children have been using the 3D shapes in their construction to extend their learning.

We’ve been looking at small value coins and using our knowledge of combining numbers to create total amounts.  This activity will be continued into next week, when the ‘Focus table’ has its very own Post Office Shop.

Next week, our focus book will be The Jolly Christmas Postman. This amazing adventure takes the children on a journey to visit familiar nursery rhyme and traditional tale characters.

Home-Link Challenge: 

On Friday, we sent home our Monday News ‘Talk Time’ sheets. Please complete these with your child and bring to school on Monday morning. This includes both F1 and F2 children. Thank you.


Next week, we’re having our Funky Phonics Stay and Play after school on Wednesday 05 December. Phonics is so important: it’s the basis of skills our children need for reading and writing. We can help with important questions you may have.

Frequently asked questions include:

Although we are able to answer your questions at any time, the Stay and Play will be a good opportunity to see a variety of activities we use in action, as well as covering the above questions.

We hope to see many of you there.