The Hundred Decker Bus

Sunday 03 February 2019

Check out our own ‘Hundred Decker Bus’ we made this week!

As part of our topic on Transport, we were inspired by Mike Smith’s The Hundred Decker Bus so we decided to create our own.

OK – it doesn’t quite have one hundred decks (18 to be precise) but there is one deck for each member of Foundation! Be sure to come into our classroom to have a closer look so that you can quiz your child about their deck of the bus. We had some fab ideas: a deck with a swimming pool, a deck with a burger bar and a deck with rainbow!

Next week is sure to be a very busy one as we join the rest of the school in Safety Week. We’ll be learning about road safety with the NSPCC, how to approach dogs with a visit from the Dog’s Trust and all about fire safety when Wetherby Fire Station come to visit on Friday afternoon.