23 March 2020 : Home learning

Monday 23 March 2020

Here are your tasks for today. Each day there will be three main tasks.

We would also like you to read for at least twenty minutes per day – to yourself, your mum, dad, teddy or pets. It could be in two, 10 minute sessions.
Each Monday, we will also upload a set of spellings for you to practise over the course of the week. Then on Friday, see if you can write them out without looking at them. Someone could test you if you want.

Y2s will also have a set of times table or division facts to learn.

Year 1 spellings

Year 2 spellings

Times tables : times 2 and divide 2


Watch and join in with the doubles song : https://youtu.be/8jOzhiACB68

Make 10 in as many ways as you can.

eg 5+5=10, 10=4+6, 1+4+4+1=10, 15-5=10

Make 20 in as many ways as you can.

eg 10+10=20, 1+19=20, 2+18=20, 25-5=20, half of 40 is 20.


Read about the seasons and answer the questions in your home learning book.

1. How many seasons are there in one year?
2. In which season do leaves start to grow on the trees?
3. What type of weather is there more of in the summer?
4. Copy and complete : In autumn, leaves change colour and fall from the _________.
5. List all the clothes you might need in winter.


Sort the toys in your bedroom according to their material eg plastic, wood, metal.


Challenge: Sort the toys again, according to their properties eg rigid, smooth, bendy. Take a picture or draw your groups.