25 March 2020: Home learning

Wednesday 25 March 2020


Words to read:

Tricky words-  (All current tricky words can be found in your word passports)

Words to Write:

melt, fact, golf, jump

Phonics Activity:

Write the caption (Adult to read aloud);

I must not tramp on the flowers.

Children may use the phoneme frame on page 9 if needed.

Tricky words! Ask your child what is a tricky word? “A tricky word is a word you can’t sound out. You just have to know it.”

You can sing the songs for all the tricky words here.


Literacy Activity

Look through a book. Can you find any words with more than six letters? What is the longest word you can find?

What book did you use to search for words today? Did your child have a favourite word that they found?

Maths Activity

3d Shape Detectives!

Can you remember the name of these shapes? What do you know about 3d shapes?


Have a look around your home. Can you find anything that is the same as one of these 3d shapes?


Did you go on a hunt for shapes today? What did your child find? Please email any photos or comments to:


It is great when we get direct quotes from children. This helps us gain a holistic view of your child’s learning journey.

If you have any questions we are here to help and will respond to emails in school hours.