26 March 2020: Home learning

Thursday 26 March 2020

Hello again everyone

We all hope you’re getting on well and every one of us would like to give you all a virtual high five!

Did you manage to complete the bonus task? Again, we’d love to hear from you if you did. If you did, how did it make you feel? I’ve been keeping in contact with all my friends and family as often as possible and each time I do it I feel happier and healthier. If you didn’t get chance, do it today!

Enjoy your tasks…

Year 5 Maths Task

Starter: Times Tables Rockstars- improve your multiplication skills.

Your learning today is subtraction using column subtraction.

Using the column method for subtraction, solve the following calculations. Check out the subtraction video on our website for a reminder if you need it.

4,648 –  2,347 =

45,536 – 8,426 =

29,456 – 8,896 =

37,506 – 22,819 =

There are 83, 065 fans at a football match.

45,927 fans are male. How many fans are female?

Create a word problem for a subtraction calculation.

Challenge: Eva makes a 5-digit number.

Jo makes a 4-digit number.

The difference between their numbers is 3,465.

What could their number be?

Year 6 maths task 

Answers from yesterday:

What is 6 less than 4? -2

What is 5 more than -2? 3

What is the difference between 3 and -5? 8

Starter: With an adult, count forwards and backwards in from these numbers in 5s, 10s, 50 and 25s. The starting numbers are 750, 2025, 1150, 9925.

Your learning today is negative numbers.

Place these numbers on a blank number line. You should also include the number zero.

  1. A) -53, -85, 16, 32, -35
  2. B) 685, 321, -5, -297, -100
  3. C) 67, -52, -9, 116, 701

Challenge: A company decide to build an office block. Jim says, “If we build from -20 to 20, we will have 40 floors.”

Do you agree? Explain why.

Writing task (Y5,6)

Your learning today is to write descriptively. Following yesterday’s character description, your task today is to write a setting description. This should be no longer than one paragraph.

For your setting description, you need to think about:

Here is an example of a setting description.

The seas were rough for the first few days. Gigantic waves swept over the ships walls, but the Vikings continued to row. Lightning bolts pierced holes on deck, but the Vikings continued to row. Days and nights of torturous storms passed, but the Vikings continued to row. With a compass in one hand, and wheel in the other, Ragnar stood fiercely and laughed in the face of the unforgiving conditions. He saw it as a sign from the Gods, that his journey would bring him fame and fortune. His confident mindset, however, didn’t last long.

Challenge: Can you add some expanded noun phrases to describe the setting?

Tip: An expanded noun phrase is used to describe something. If you wish to describe the sea, you may say ‘the blue sea’. If you are describing a cave, you may say ‘the gloomy cave’.

Reading task

Answers from yesterday…

Retrieval question: A shield

Inference question:

  1. Father says he chose his shield brothers carefully.
  2. Father says he would never have fought alongside any man who lied as you have.

Choice question: and felt a wave of hatred for Skuli sweep through him

Your learning today is inference.

Below are three key moments from the story so far. For each moment, you should write a paragraph to explain how Gunnar feels. Make sure you back up (justify) why you think what you think.

Moment 1 = Gunnar’s Dad dies.

Moment 2 = Gunnar sets off on his journey to Valhalla.

Moment 3 = Gunnar is taken as a slave.

Challenge: Predict what you think happen at the end of the book. Explain your prediction. Then, write a possible ending.

Try your best and don’t hesitate to email us if you’re not sure!