27 March 2020: Home learning

Friday 27 March 2020

Good morning children,

Friday! Well done for your first week of home learning! It would be great to see how you’ve been getting on. Why don’t you send in pictures of the learning that’s happening at home for a chance to feature on our website. Keep an eye on the Year 3 & 4 Class News and the Year 3 & 4 Homework page in the coming days!

Don’t forget that you can get in touch with us via email if you have any questions about the learning tasks. Here’s a reminder of our email addresses:



Here are the answers to yesterday’s maths learning for Year 3 and Year 4.

And here is today’s learning.


All complete your weekly times tables check. https://mathsframe.co.uk/en/resources/resource/477/Multiplication-Tables-Check Make sure your record your score on the sheet and find out which ones you have struggled with.

Year 3 – find your maths addition and subtraction pack. Complete the adding tens and subtracting tens to a 3-digit number pages. Remember if you know 60-30=30 then you know 160-30=130.

Year 4 – find your maths addition and subtraction pack. Complete at least one addition pyramids worksheet.


Have a look in your reading book. Find ten different words for ‘said’.
Can you use these to write them into examples of direct speech?
Using co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions.
Choose the appropriate conjunction to put in the gaps.
Ask an adult to choose 10 words from this week’s  spellings  list and test you on them. Can you get them all correct?
Enjoy your weekend and we will be back again on Monday with some more
exciting learning activities to do at home.