Kindness in the community; Rainbows

Monday 30 March 2020

Yesterday, we received an email about some wonderful kindness in the community that really makes us think about our Christian Values of Love and Friendship.

You may have seen lots of rainbows recently in people’s windows. Some people have made them to support the NHS and some have made them as a sign of hope and positivity during this unusual and uncertain time.

The email we received reads:

” —- made a rainbow for our house…He painted one to post to Nanny and Grandad and also made some for people who live in our street who are elderly or don’t have children. He painted 7 in total and was really pleased when the recipients stuck them in their windows; “Wow Mummy, look, that’s the rainbow I made!”

Can you see which friend has been spreading happiness in his community this weekend?


Let’s see if we can flood our Class News page with positivity rainbows! If you have made a rainbow or would like to make one to stick in your window, please send us pictures of them by 3pm on Wednesday so we can upload them to the page. Send them to: