01 April 2020: Home learning

Wednesday 01 April 2020

It’s Wednesday – we’re halfway through the week!

Here are the answers to yesterday’s maths learning for year 3 and year 4.


Year 3 – find your addition and subtracting packs. Complete the “adding 3-digit and 2-digit numbers – with carrying” page. Remember to be careful where you place your numbers and the numbers you have carried over. Keep the ones under the ones column and tens under the tens column.

Year 4 – find your addition and subtraction packs. Complete the “Estimate answers speed challenge” page. Here are the allowable ranges for your answers:


Today’s reading task is all about Really Rare Runes. Remember, the answers are on the second page so don’t scroll down until you’ve answered them. There’s no need to print the sheet – just write your answers in your home learning book.


Which are better: disposable nappies or reusable nappies?

Have a look at the data from last week. Think about how many nappies a baby will use in their lifetime and they all go in the bin. Is that right?

Have a look at the statements on this sheet. The statements are for and against the use of disposable nappies. Sort them into two lists (you can either print them and cut them up or write them in two columns in your book).  Then, decide if you think babies should use disposable nappies or should all babies use reusable nappies?