27 April 2020: Home learning

Sunday 26 April 2020

Happy Monday, everyone.

This week, your learning is going to look a little different. Mrs Rowley and I have been beavering away, learning of new ways of getting information to you. Some of the lessons have a video of one of us. (Please bear with us as this is all new to us too.) We hope they will make learning more fun. Please let us know how you get along with this new style.

Mrs Welsby & Mrs Rowley xx

Maths: Last week’s answers. Year 3 and Year 4.        This week’s work: Year 3 video and Year 3 worksheet.  Year 4 video and Year 4 worksheets. Don’t forget, you can print the worksheets off or you can record your answers directly into your home learning books. After the main learning, there are challenge activities if you would like to stretch yourselves!

Reading:  Moon Landings cartoon video, text and questions.

Science: Shadow investigation video and activity.

Spellings: In this week’s spellings we are revising the ai sound. Here is also a reminder page of spelling strategies that you could use.