28 April 2020: Home Learning

Monday 27 April 2020


  1. Practise your letter formation in your home learning book. You can use the letter formation ditty’s in your pack to help you.
  2. Write the following digraphs.

Parents: Please read the digraphs to your child so that they do not copy them. They can then write them their home learning book. For help with pronunciation, please see the video previously uploaded by Mrs Allen-Kelly.

3. Write a sentence to match the picture e.g. ‘fish and chips on a dish’ or ‘I had and chips for dinner’.


Challenge: Can you use an adventurous word in your sentence? e.g. ‘fish and chips are delicious’



Book of the week: The tiger who came to tea

  1. Listen to the story of the week.


  1. Draw a story map of the story.

Parents: Here is an example of a story map. 

Maths- Subtraction

  1. Count backwards from 20 using the song.

Oh no! The song seems to have forgotten the number 0! We talk lots about the number 0 being nothing but still being a number. Try to add the number 0 when singing the song.

  1. Solve number problems.

Parents: if needed, your child could use objects at home to help when counting.

There are 6 ducks in the water. Some ducks got out of the water. Now there are only half left in the water. How many ducks got out of the water? How many are left?

I had 8 chicken nuggets. I ate some and have 5 left. How many did I eat?

There are 5 people in the house. How many shoes will be by the door? Try to count in 2’s to find the answer when counting the pairs of shoes.