30 April 2020: Home Learning

Wednesday 29 April 2020

Good morning! I hope you’re all staying happy and healthy. How did you get on with the physical challenges yesterday? Did you beat Mr Mills with the shoe lace challenge? What was your personal best time?

I’ve created my first video lesson today for Year 6 maths – enjoy!

Today’s learning……


Warm-up: Times Tables Rockstars

Year 5:  polygons

Year 6: angles in triangles

Reading: comprehension

Read the text ‘Adrenaline Towers’ and then answer the questions.

Writing: parenthesis


Bracketsdashes and commas indicate parentheses (parentheses is the plural of parenthesis).

Parenthesis is a word or clause inserted into a text as an afterthought (or as extra information).

A pair of brackets, commas or dashes can be used to enclose the extra information or afterthought.

Complete the BBC Bitesize lesson all about how to use brackets, dashes and commas to indicate parenthesis.