04 May 2020: Home Learning

Sunday 03 May 2020

Hi guys, I hope you’ve had a good weekend.

Thank you to Hannah, who sent me a video of her doing the physical challenge Mr Mills set for everybody last week. Did anyone else have a go? Please send me some photos of your obstacle courses or any other learning you’ve been doing. Check out the class news page to find out more about what everyone has been up to.


Year 5: mental calculation

Complete the activity by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing mentally.

Year 6: four operations

Complete these questions using all four operations.


Write you own word problem, similar to Q9.


Your learning today is a comprehension task.

You should read the FirstNews task. Once you’ve read it, answer the questions on page 2 – these questions will help you practice a range of reading skills.

Challenge 1: create your own questions for someone else to answer.

Challenge 2: ask someone in your house to help – they’ll need to be able to read so maybe not your pet dog or your favourite teddy bear. One of you is going to play the role of a ‘journalist’. The other person will play the role of an ‘expert’. The journalist should ask the expert questions that they can answer using the text. The expert uses the text to answer them. You could swap roles, too. Why not go BIG and put on a different voice, dress up or use a hairbrush as a microphone. You could even film it and send it in to me!

Music: BBC Bitesize singing with feeling

Following on from Friday’s learning, today you are going to try activity 3. Choose one of the ten pieces. It’s time to get arty. Listen to the music carefully and create some artwork based on it. Watch the video to get some more ideas.