05 May 2020: Home Learning

Monday 04 May 2020

Good morning!

There are two video lessons today: Year 5 maths and Year 6 maths. Please email me if there’s anything you need help with. Have a good day!

Maths: angles

Year 5: angles on a straight line

Please watch the video– my first Year 5 video lesson!

Year 6: angles in a quadrilateral

Please watch the video to find out how to find missing angles in a quadrilateral.


Here are the answers to yesterday’s reading comprehension.

Today you are going to complete a reading activity on BBC Bitesize: The London Eye Mystery by Siobahn Dowd.


BBC Bitesize lesson

Watch all 3 videos, have a go at the video tasks. For activity two, name the seven continents of the world.

This is a year 6 task, but it is designed for both year 5 and 6 to do, as our topic lessons are spread across two years. (Basically year 5 and 6 do it, not just year 6.)