06 May 2020: F2 Home Learning

Tuesday 05 May 2020

Play Flashcards on Teach Monster
Parents: Click the link for Teach Monster > Click ‘Launch the Digital Flashcards > Press Play > Press each of the circle to select all phase 2 and 3 sounds> Press arrow down to select more sounds > Click the tick

Words to read:
Parents: you could write them in your child’s home learning book if your child cannot read them on your device.


Words to write:
Parents: Read the words aloud.
1. hair
2. fair
3. pair
4. chair
Did you remember the trigraph ‘air’?

Phonics Activity:  Write the sentence.
Parents: Read the sentence aloud.
She has fair hair.

Top Tip!
Before your child puts pen to paper encourage your child to say the sentence and count the words in the sentence – this is a good chance to talk about where the finger spaces would go. Once they have done this, they are ready to write! Encourage your child to then check their writing.

Can you extend the sentence?
E.g. She has fair hair and brown eyes.

Parents: How did your child find the writing activity?
Remember, it is okay for things to be spelt phonetically. It is important your child grows into an independent learner. Encouraging your child to write the words as they sound rather than always spelling correctly we encourage the children to use their own skills – rather than copy from an adult.

Story of the week: What the ladybird heard by Julia Donaldson
1. Listen to the story again. Have some fun making the animal noises.

In the story the baddies make a map of the farmyard so they can work out how to steal the cow.
2. Make your own map and label all the places and animals on your map.

Please see today’s Maths video (posted at 10.00 am)

If you have any questions we are here to help and will respond to emails in school hours.