8 June 2020: Home Learning

Sunday 07 June 2020


1.Sing the ‘jolly phonics songs’


2.Read the words below.

Parents: you could write them in your child’s home learning book if your child cannot read them on your device. 


queen rain


3.Answer the yes/no questions.

Challenge: there are more questions here. For a challenge, read the green cards.


  1. Watch the Numberblock 19 video.


2. Can you do 19 hops, claps, jumps? Remember to count each movement and stop at number 19.

3. Write the numbers 0-20 on the floor using chalk, paint or write on paper (make sure they are big enough to stand on).

4. Can you find the answers to these problems?

Find and stand on the number that is 1 more than 19

Find and stand on the number that is double 4

Find and stand on an odd number

Find and stand on a number that is fewer than 5

Find and stand on a number that is more than 7

Find and stand on an even number

Find and stand on the number that is half of 10

Challenge: Parents/carers give your child some more problems to solve. Can your child think of their own number problem?


This week we will be looking at instructional writing.

Please watch the video below of Mrs Palmer (a teacher at Scholes Primary school- One of our Sphere Federation schools):

Click here

What did Mrs Palmer need to do her activity?

Can you put the following instructions in order?

(Parents/carers – you can read the instructions out loud or print/write them for your child to read and order).

Title: How to pot a plant

Water the plant.

Lift the plant and put it in the soil.

Add some more soil to fill the pot.

Scoop the soil into the plant pot.