Adjective Day!

Monday 08 November 2021

The children have had a fantastic day dressed as adjectives. We have had children dressed up as sleepy, lethargic, sporty, spotty, pretty, beautiful, exhausted, spooky, scary and many more! We used the adjectives in our writing. The year 2’s were challenged to use two adjectives separated with a comma. They used their own adjective and a friends adjective to make a sentence.

“The spotty, sleepy girl was not very well.”
“I can see a spotty, blue jumper.”
“The magical, colourful unicorn was jumping in the sky.”

We also sung the following adjective song to help us remember what an adjective is.

Adjectives can tell you more
About a noun and that’s for sure

Well done, Year 1 and 2. What a fantastic adjective day!