Happy New Year!

Friday 07 January 2022

It’s lovely to be back at Nursery after our Christmas break. We hope you’ve had a good holiday and we’re looking forward to a wonderful half-term of learning ahead. This week we have welcomed some new friends into our classroom and the children have been looking after them by being really good role-models. We hope our new friends have enjoyed their first few days with us.

The new year is always a good time for reflection and the children have been talking about Christmas and what they have been doing over the holiday. We’ve discussed (and drawn) our favourite presents and have talked about our hopes and wishes for the year to come. We’ve also had lots of chats about the weather and have looked closely at what happens to water when it is left outside in cold temperatures (and then brought back inside again). We’ve also discovered that we can see our reflections in water when it is still.

We’re all very excited about the coming weeks and we’ll be sharing lots of photos of our learning. Here’s a taster of our first week back…