Week beginning 07 March 2022

Sunday 06 March 2022

Sorry you can’t be in school this week.  Here are a range of resources linked to what is happening in class. Don’t forget to get in touch with your class teacher if you need support.


Follow this sequence of maths learning which is linked to algebra.

Lesson 1: video, worksheet, answers

Lesson 2: video, worksheet, answers

Lesson 3: video, worksheet, answers

Lesson 4: video, worksheet, answers

Lesson 5: video, worksheet, answers

Lesson 6: video, worksheet, answers

Lesson 7: video, worksheet, answers

Lesson 8: video, worksheet, answers

Lesson 9: video, worksheet, answers

Lesson 10: video, worksheet, answers

You don’t have to print the worksheet. Your child can write or draw their answers on paper. Your child’s learning will be most effective if you sit with them to pause the clip and check / praise / support your child as the clip moves on.

Practise times tables on Times Table Rockstars, too. Email the class teacher if you need your child’s login and password details.

(Suggested time: 30 minutes of Maths and 15 minutes of Rockstars daily)


Look on the homework page to find this week’s spellings. They should choose some past spellings that they feel less confident with. Your child should complete one task each day.

(Suggested time: 15-20 minutes daily)

Reading fluency.

This is the text we’re using in school. It’s some top tips to stay safe online.

In school, we generally follow this sequence:

(Suggested time: 15 minutes daily)

Reading comprehension

We’ll be using this RIC text in class to practise comprehension skills. RIC stands for:

This half term we’ll be reading a range of fiction and non-fiction texts about computing and online safety. Here’s a series of lessons based on A Career in Computer Games by Anthony Horowitz. There’s a whole series of lessons, but start at Lesson 1 and work through, doing one (or maybe even two) each day. If you’re self-isolating in your second week, try these poetry lessons on The British by Benjamin Zephaniah (Suggested time: 30 minutes daily)


In writing, be learning how to write a set of instructions for a computer game. Follow these lessons on instructional writing. There’s a whole series of lessons, but start at Lesson 1 and work through, doing one (or maybe even two) each day. (If you’re self-isolating in your second week, stick with the series of lessons you’ve already started and aim to complete the full series.)

(Suggested time: 30-40 minutes for each)


Our topic this half-term is computing.

Follow these lessons on selection in quizzes from Oak Academy. Follow the lesson sequence. It has 6 lessons so you could do three a week.

 (Suggested time: 30-40 minutes)


Last half term our topic was evolution.

These six lessons from Oak National Academy link closely to what we’ve been doing in class last half term. Start at Lesson 1 and work through, doing two or three in the week. If you’ve previously completed one of these lessons, have a go at the ones you haven’t completed yet.

If Science really motivates your child, you could also use look at these lessons all about practical Science.

(Suggested time: 30-45 minutes)


Don’t forget to do some daily exercise!

Do two or three of these Five Minute Moves from Joe Wicks each day – spread them across the day as if they were playtimes, maybe!

Try working through this series of 25 lessons from the Association for Physical Education – do two or three in the week.

(Suggested time: 5 minutes daily, plus 30 minutes for the longer PE lessons)

Extra stuff…

As an extra (or as an alternative, if this helps to motivate your child)…

Geography isn’t a topic-driver this half-term, but you could brush up on your locational knowledge – something that was missed when schools closed earlier this year. You could explore some online maps and try to memorise some new countries, capitals, rivers and mountain ranges. These three lessons about Europe are worth checking out.

What about some Living and Learning? While you’re away from school, you could check out these lessons on money!