Science: animals including humans!

Friday 23 June 2023

This half term, in Year 1 and 2, we are biologists with Miss Kay on Fridays. This means we study living things.

Our current learning is all about ‘Animals including humans’. We’ve started this by thinking about what babies need to grow, and how we change through the life-cycle (from being a baby, to a toddler, to a child, teenager, adult and so on…).

This week, we’ve investigated the big question: do older children have bigger heads? We’ve measured the head size of children in each year group. This linked nicely to our Living and Learning statement this week by asking for permission to measure the head size of our peers.

A reception child might have a smaller head because they are younger.

A child in Year 6 will have a bigger head because they are tall.

We found out that older children definitely have bigger heads!

We took the opportunity to measure Mrs Valentine’s head. It was the same size as our friend in Year 6! We questioned does Mrs Valentine have the head size of a child, or does our Year 6 pupil have the head size of an adult?

Help at home: below are our key words for this topic – ask your child if they can tell you what they mean. Some will be covered in more detail as we progress through this topic.