L&L Identity: self-respect

Thursday 12 October 2023

This week, during our Living and Learning session we thought about how we are similar and different from each other.

There are things that are the same or different that are immediately obvious (physical features) as well as things you cannot see such as things you like doing. We worked with our partner to think of an example of each.

“We are the same because we have blue eyes and we both like playing football.”

“We are different because we have different coloured hair but we are the same because we both like gymnastics.”

We had a chat about how there are lots of things the same about us all but everyone is different too – nobody is exactly the same, everyone is unique. No-one is good at everything but everyone is good at something.

Help at home: Draw a picture of your friend, making sure you draw something that makes them special or unique. This could be a physical attribute or something they do. Bring your drawing in to share with us.