English – Reading

Thursday 26 October 2023

Our class novel is The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton. Today, we read an extract taken from the book.

“Moon-Face’s house in the tree, was very peculiar.

It was one round room, and in the middle of it was
the beginning of the slippery-slip that ran down the
whole trunk of the tree, winding round and round
like a spiral staircase.

Round the top of the slide was a curved bed,
a curved table, and two curved chairs,
made to fit the roundness of the tree trunk.
The children were astonished, and wished that they
had time to stay for a while.”

We used a dictionary to find out the meaning of some unfamiliar words – peculiar and astonished. We learnt that they are both adjectives.

We thought of some sentences of our own to include these words.

“My friend was acting peculiar.”

“Peculiar is a peculiar word.”

“I was astonished when I saw all the presents.”

“I was astonished when I saw a bee downstairs.”

After, we drew what we thought Moon Face’s house would look like based on the words from the text. Have a look at some of our ideas!