Science – Plants (light and dark)

Thursday 01 February 2024

As we donned our science hats to start 2024, we turned our attention to plants and their requirements to survive and thrive.

Our enquiry question has been:

Do plants grow healthier in the light or dark?

The children have planned a comparative fair test to observe the results for themselves. They have made their predictions and are looking forward to seeing what happens!

We have chosen to plant cucumber seeds (the fantasy of a fruitful harvest proved irresistible) and will keep 2 plants in the sun and 2 plants in the cupboard. This morning, we gathered our equipment and – one (cu)cumbersome bag of compost and a few plant pots later – planted our seeds.

The children will be observing the plants and recording their progress… watch this space!

Help at home by discussing the investigation with your child: