Sunday 04 February 2024

This week has been our second week looking at the book Supertato by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.

We have enjoyed looking out for the Evil Pea, in and around the classroom and school and we have even left out lots of wonderful trap to try to catch him. We have also enjoyed looking at vegetables close up, by completing some observational drawings and commenting on what we noticed.

” The potato is bumpy and rough and wet inside!”

“Broccoli is cold and prickly!”


This week, we have continued to look at composition, or the numbers within numbers. We have used the Hungarian number pattern (die pattern) to explore making 5.  

Help at Home: Number bonds to 5 game.


We have learnt our final Phase 3 graphemes this week (air, er) and the tricky words (are, pure, sure). Next half term, we will revisit all the phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs.

Help at Home: Reading books on line via the Collins site. This will help the children with their fluency.

Poetry Picnic

This week’s poem was an eight-line poem called A Little House

I’m going to build a little house,

With windows big and bright,

And chimneys tall with curling smoke,

Drifting out of sight.

In winter when the snowflakes fall,

Or when I hear a storm,

I’ll go and sit in my little house,

Where I’ll be snug and warm.

Next week our focus book is The Magic Paintbrush by Julia Donaldson and we will be looking at the Lunar New Year which this year is celebrated on Saturday 10th February.


Stay and Learn Sessions-Early Writing- 05.02.24 2.20pm-3.00pm

Please can we also have some more donations for our Waste Innovation Area- we have such a creative bunch of children we are going through lots of boxes, tubes, pots etc. Please think of us before you fill your green bin!

Don’t forget to email if you have any questions if you can’t catch us at the door thank you!

Mrs. Kendrew, Mrs. Rippon and Miss. Feldman