Safer Internet Day

Wednesday 07 February 2024

As part of Safer Internet Day, Year 1 listened to a story all about staying safe whilst online. The children have learnt about what personal information is and why it is important to keep it private.

Smartie is a very happy penguin who receives a tablet for his birthday and the story is about the situations he finds himself in as he starts to use his new device. He finds a pop-up wanting him to spend money, his brother goes on his tablet and he also plays a game online too. The key message is to go to an adult for help. 


Help!” shouted Smartie. “Mummy, daddy, please help me. I'm trying to find  my game but Bertie changed it! ” “Smartie

Following this learning, the class enjoyed making their own internet safety penguins and singing a very important song.

Help at home by talking to your child about the importance of internet safety and how essential it is to talk to someone you trust if you are ever unsure about an online issue.

Here are some resources to enhance this learning further.

What is Jessie and friends?

‘Jessie and Friends’ provides age appropriate, effective and fun learning opportunities which supports young children to enjoy safer, more positive online experiences throughout their lives.

Here are some books that are a great buy, too.

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