He is alive!

Thursday 28 March 2024

This week the children have enjoyed learning about the Easter story.

We spoke about how the cross represents Jesus’ Crucifixion. The tomb in which he lay was covered by a rock in the shape of an egg and the rock cracking symbolises  how our Easter eggs crack. Easter brings new life such as chicks, lambs and birds.

Jesus- he is the son of God – Ella D

He was put on a cross with nails, it was really mean and made him sad- Charlie

( Jesus praying) He is talking to the sky – Evie

He comes back alive!- Elliott

During our forest school session this week, we made our own crosses using natural resources such as sticks, mud and leaves. We then placed some around the camp fire.

Help at home: What can you find in your garden or out on a walk to make your own cross? Send us a picture of what you create to our email address and we will share this with your friends.



We’re going on an Egg hunt!

The Easter bunny telephoned nursery to let the children know he needed some help collecting his eggs from around school ..

He left a surprise inside them for us to enjoy!

We also had some chocolaty faces this afternoon. The children enjoyed making their own Easter nests using melted chocolate, cornflakes and a mini chocolate egg to decorate. We loved hearing the crunch of the cornflakes mixing in the bowl and it tasted nice too!


This weeks sound is: ‘L’ for Lollipop

Rhyme of the week: Hot cross buns


We hope you have a happy, healthy and restful Easter!

See you all back on Monday 15 April

Miss Ward and Miss Harvey