Oracy and Prosody

Saturday 15 June 2024

Our oracy target for this half term is Liveliness and Flair. 

Crab Lane Primary School - Oracy

The children are being encouraged to speak with enthusiasm and imagination where appropriate.

Every morning, the children are greeted at the door and wished ‘Good Morning’ in a cheery and enthusiastic manner.  New Good Morning Images For WhatsApp: Quotes & Wishes

This is modeled by the adults and is a great opportunity for the class to return the gesture in a similar way.  To add to this, some of Year 1 showcased this skill when auditioning for the talent show last week. Well done!


Prosody helps children build an accurate picture of what’s being conveyed on a page. It shows children how books can speak through readers and how words in a text can come to life.

Over the year, the children have become very accustomed to reading with prosody. It is a skill that is continually being rehearsed in class especially when we read our daily poem.

Once children have listened to Mrs Freeman’s example, they then practice reading parts of the poem aloud as a group and to each other.

Here is a recording of this week’s poem.

The Poem Farm: Puppets and a Poetry Peek

Why not share it with you child and challenge each other to read with prosody. The children are experts!