Full, half-full and empty!

Sunday 30 June 2024

Over the past two weeks our maths focus has been exploring capacity.

We’ve spoken about understanding what full and empty means, exploring capacity using different materials such as water, sand and rice and comparing capacities directly by pouring from one container to another to find which holds more or less. 


Charlie- ‘ It doesn’t all fit in this one (water), the jug is too small’

Wyatt- ‘ It’s gone over the top, it’s too full now’

T- ‘ This is a really small one (jug), it won’t be big enough for all the water’

Next week we will be getting out our eye patches and going on a treasure hunt, the pirates are arriving in their underpants!


We would just like to say a BIG thank you to all our lovely parents and carers for attending our sports day this week. It was a brilliant morning and I think we can all agree that the children had a wonderful time!

Have a happy and healthy weekend!

Miss Ward, Miss Harvey and Miss Feldman