08 September 2017

Friday 08 September 2017

This week, we’ve been looking at words ending in the ‘shus’ sound. The spelling patterns for this include ‘tious’ and ‘cious’.

Please choose one of the following activities below relating to this spelling pattern and complete in your homework book by Thursday 14 September.

1. Use a dictionary to find 10 or more words with this spelling pattern. 2.Choose 6 words ending in –tious or –cious. Write a sentence for each word. 3.Make up and write a rap to explain the spelling rule.
4.Write 8 words ending in –cious or -tious in alphabetical order. Use a dictionary to write the definition of the words. 5.Make a poster to explain the spelling rule. 6.Use an old magazine or newspaper and cut out words to create 6 words from the spelling list.
7.Make “Secret Agent Words” by numbering the alphabet from 1 to 26 and converting your words to a number code. 8.Write a short story that uses 8 of your spelling words. 9.Make a crossword puzzle or word search from the words in your spelling list.