08 December 2017

Friday 08 December 2017

The homework this week is creative and is due on Thursday 14 December.

I can show what I know about a festival.

​Around this time, ​many children in school will celebrate​ or will have celebrated​ a religious festival of some sort. This might ​be the Christian festival ​of Christmas ​(of course, celebrated by many non-Christians​ in the UK, too​)​. It might also be the Sikh and Hindu festival Diwali​, ​the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, and the Chinese New Year festival which ​is early in the new year.

There are lots of other festivals and celebrations which you and your child together might want to reflect on.  You can research more festivals.

We invite children to respond to the sentence above – they might include a recount (like a diary entry), pictures, an interview (perhaps in a script).  Your child might also choose to research a completely unknown festival, or they might even think about creating a brand new festival, one that everyone will celebrate.