19 January 2018

Sunday 21 January 2018

We have a new spelling activity grid to pick from. This week you need to choose an activity from the grid relating to the spelling list (words beginning with c).

1.    Spot the Word

Look to see if you can spot smaller words inside the spelling word eg; friend, vegetable.

2.    Speed Write

Choose some words from the spelling list. How many times can you write the same word in one minute?

3.    Rainbow Words

Break a word down into syllables and write each part in a different colour eg; im / poss / i / ble

4.    Mnemonic

Write a mnemonic to remember the spelling: the first letter of each word in the sentence spells the word eg; because: big elephants can’t always use small exits.

5.    Backwards Words

Write out the spelling word forwards and then backwards eg; communicate / etacinummoc

6.    Silly Sentences

Write silly sentences with a spelling word in each. Underline the spelling word.

7.    Connect the Dots

Write the spelling words using dots, then connect the dots by tracing over them with a coloured pencil.

8.    Spelling Tennis

Play with somebody at home and evidence it in your homework book.

One person starts with the first letter of the word; the other person says the next letter. The last person to add a letter, wins!

9.    Musical Words

Make up a little thyme, rap or song to remember words or rules for spellings eg; Mrs D, Mrs I, Mrs F,F,I, Mrs C, Mrs U, Mrs L, T, Y- difficulty.

Spelling list this week:

Complete a spelling activity from the spelling grid.

Words from the Y5/6 spelling list beginning with ‘c’

committee conscience
community conscious
communicate controversy
competition criticise (critic+ise)
correspond curiosity