Hand to Mouth visit

Sunday 04 February 2018

On Thursday, Hand to Mouth,  who are a Christian organisation which visits schools offering ‘reflective journeys’ on different topics and workshops with the children, visited our school to work with each of the classes.

Year 1/2 participated in a Lent reflective journey.  The children took a journey with a partner or on their own, helped by volunteers from St James’ church to learn about Lent – step by step from Shrove Tuesday to Easter Sunday. The children visited 6 different stations, and if they wanted to, completed an activity at each station: Things we’ve got wrong, saying sorry for our mistakes, our hurts, the poor and what we can do to help, I wonder where Jesus is now? and God loves you.

The children also enjoyed a workshop learning about the creation story. Then, they made puppets of some of the creatures God created.

Below are some quotes from the children, after completing the journey, and some pictures.

“I feel happy because I learnt something”

“I learnt not to be a bully”

“It was fantastic”

“I liked writing prayers to God”