04 May 2018

Friday 04 May 2018

This week’s homework is a practice makes perfect and is due on Thursday 10 May.

Year 1:

We’ve been looking at place value this week during Maths. We’ve practised our counting skills – forwards and backwards – and looked at how many tens and ones are in two-digit numbers (e.g. 46 can be partitioned into 40 + 6 or 4 tens and 6 ones). Our homework is to practise skills relating to place value.

Year 2: 

This week, we’ve recapped and extended our learning about column addition and subtraction. We’ve learned how to carry a ten if our ones column is more than 10 and how to exchange (borrow) a ten if we need to subtract more ones that we have. Our homework is practising both of these skills along with some word problems. Don’t forget, in subtraction you don’t always need to exchange – check your numbers first! Column addition and subtraction is easier if we are confident and quick with our basic number facts – play Hit the Button, number bonds, for some quick recall practice.