Fantastic feast, scrumptious scran and brilliant banquet

Monday 29 October 2018

The highlight of our week has been preparing and eating our very own Tudor banquet to go with our time travel topic on food and our current book, ‘A Medieval Feast’.

Our first task was – just like the serfs in the book – to prepare some of the food. We made a soup from a variety of winter vegetables, flavoured with parsley and other herbs.

Then came time for the actual feast. We had servants to announce each course with a drumroll, toasts to the king and queen and other honoured guests throughout the meal, jesters to entertain us between courses and, of course, the mouth-watering food.


We had the soup which we’d made earlier in the week with scrumptious corn bread. We followed this up with succulent roast chicken and fresh vegetables. All washed down with goblets overflowing with fruity red wine – not really! It was a feast fit for a king.