Supertato- Veggies Assemble!

Saturday 24 November 2018

As our exploration of Superheroes continues, we have seen that they come in all shapes and sizes! This week we’ve been reading, retelling and writing about the story Supertato- Veggies Assemble. Towards the end of the week, we were sent a special video from Supertato, who gave us a mission to capture the Evil Peas.

Next week we’ll be learning about another unlikely Superhero- SUPERWORM!

We’ve been focusing on our new number ‘5’; showing different combinations of number that can be added together to make 5. F2 have revisited how to use a number line to find out one or two more, or less than a given number. It is important to understand which direction to ‘jump’ on the number line; going up the number line for addition, when we are adding more and going down the number line for subtraction, when we want to find less. This is a tricky skill that we will continue to work on in class. We’ll also be sending home a number line to keep in your child’s bookbag, to continue practising at home.

F1 children have been creating shape pictures and naming the shapes they have used. They’ve been listening to stories, drawing and exploring the vocabulary of texture during their Key worker time.

All of the children have enjoyed programming our remote control cars this week. We’anve used them in role play (to save the veggies) and in a maths game on the beebot mat. The children had to roll the die, count the spots and move their car that many squares on the mat.

This week we’ve declared the run up to Christmas. The magical Christmas fairies had heard that the children have been pretending to load Santa’s sleigh in the ‘Toy Shop’ role play area and have created them their very own ‘Santa’s Workshop’! We’re also starting to learn the songs for our exciting Christmas production. We have an extra reward in the classroom at this festive time too; all children who have a ‘wow’ moment in the classroom get to choose a decoration to add to our Christmas tree.

Home-Link Challenge

F2- We did not get many challenges returned this week (the challenge based on the number 5) This week, instead of providing a photograph please encourage your child to draw their own representation of 5 objects- it can be 5 of anything! They could tell you the different ways they know how to make 5, using full number sentences.

F1- Please read picture books with your child that feature people. Pay particular attention to personal pronouns (“he”/ “him” for boys and “she”/ “her” for girls)

Upcoming Stay and Play Sessions

Wednesday 5th December 2018; 3.15- 3.45 – Funky Phonics

Thursday 20th December 2018; 8.45- 9.30- Learning journey drop in with CHRISTMAS STAY AND DECORATE!