Our school charity

Tuesday 04 December 2018

On Friday, we all reviewed our whole-school homework on charity. We shared examples of charities we know and which charity we thought would be good to support this year.

Children brought some fantastic ideas to the table and could confidently  speak about why they had chosen a certain charity. Some children liked the work the charity did, whereas some children had been directly affected by their chosen charity.

Through good discussion and then a democratic voting process to reinforce British values, we narrowed a large list of charities down to just a few which were taken to School Council for the final vote: Cancer Research UK, Starlight, The Leeds Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, St Gemma’s Hospice, the NSPCC and many more.

Last year, our whole-school charity was Unicef– an international children’s charity. The School Council felt that this year it might be a good idea to support a national or even a local charity. After three different votes, we finally settled on our whole-school charity to be Dogs Trust. The voting was extremely close.

The School Council were happy with the overall decision and are looking forward to organising fundraising events!