Living and Learning

Thursday 24 January 2019

Our Living and Learning theme this week: I know what a drug is.

In Years 5/6, we have been discussing different influences which could make us want to smoke or drink. We sorted images from various forms of media to recognise what a positive influence looks like and what a negative influence looks like.

We realised it isn’t just media that can influence us. After group discussion and an organising activity, we all agreed that friends could possibly be the biggest influence on the decisions we make.

We thought about why somebody would want to avoid smoking or drinking alcohol. Some of the suggestions were religion, health, money, against the law, and not wanting to get into trouble with parents.

We came up with different ways people could respond if they wanted to avoid smoking.

“It’s not good for me, I’m trying to be healthy.”

“I don’t like the taste or smell of smoke.”

“It’s against my personal belief.”

Then, we shared our thoughts by doing a conscience alley.