Wonderful writing

Wednesday 17 April 2019

We love this piece of writing by Emily in Year 5. (It’s typed up exactly as it was written; punctuation, spellings etc are all as they were written by Emily.)

I wandered the northern borders of my wonderful kingdom for weeks on end. I wanted to leave my dull village (and family) for an intriguing adventure.

I left the village to start an adventure. I slept and hunted for my own food to eat for days with my sword. It didn’t bother me though, I enjoyed the company of myself.

In the damp evening, I feasted on my latest prey cooked on a roaring fire. I fell asleep in my sheepskin blanket, staring at the dark, gloomy night sky. Next to me, I had my sharp pointy sword shimmering in the moon; I was thinking of when I would have to wipe the blood of some vile creature from the sharp edge.

As my campfire died, I carelessly fell asleep. Images of blood-thirsty trolls flickered through my mind. Suddenly, I heard a loud crack of a twig. I leaped up off the ground and grabbed by sword. Ready to pounce, I heard a groan followed by a thud of a mysterious body falling to the ground. Slowly, I walked over to the bush where the noises came from.

Carefully, I pulled back the branches. I looked down to find an old man with a bushy beard, his face contorted with pain. I nervously took off his iron helmet which covered his bald head.