Acid or Alkali?

Thursday 13 June 2019

Today, we had a visitor in school to help us with some science!

We used PH paper to test different liquids to see if they were an acid or alkali. We then used the paper to see if there was a difference between sparkling water and still, tap water. We found out that sparkling water was more acidic than tap water. Why? CO2!

This got us thinking about the amount of CO2 which is being produced and polluting our atmosphere and oceans. If there’s more CO2 in our oceans, then that means they are becoming more acidic. What effect is this having on the sea-life and planet?

We have decided to try and answer our question by adding vinegar (acid) to some sea shells and observe what happens to them. This could give us an idea of the possible consequences of increased CO2 in our oceans.