Fantastic Foundation!

Friday 24 January 2020

This week, our Living and Learning statement was I know what a drug is.  On Monday, Foundation had a special visitor from D:side called Dave. He talked about: medicine, healthy foods and brushing teeth. The children  sat really well and answered lots of questions – showing off their super knowledge!
Some of the answers…
“You should brush your teeth in the morning and at night.”
“Medicine makes you feel better.”
“I eat lots of fruit and vegetables!”
“I only have medicine when I am poorly.”
The children were eager to put their hands up – this was great to see!

Some more great highlights this week in Foundation…

Foundation’s Home-Link Challenge

Please use this Time to Talk sheet, to talk about and share your favourite story that links to castles.

It could be a traditional tale (like Cinderella or The Princess and the pea) or any other story involving princesses, kings, queens, knights, dragons or anything else that lives in or visits a castle!

This will mainly be a talking focus. We will ask your child about the beginning, middle and end, about characters and settings and their opinions of the story. They could draw a picture and add labels and/or a sentence on the Time to Talk sheet.

If you would like to send us images to print, please send to our email address: