23 March 2020: Home learning

Monday 23 March 2020

Hi children,

We hope you’ve had a good weekend.

Here are your tasks for today. Each day, we will set three main tasks. In addition to these, we would like you to read for at least twenty minutes per day and practise your times tables facts – you could use TT Rock Stars to do this.

Each Monday, we will also upload a set of spellings for you to practise over the course of the week. The spellings will link to a rule that we have covered already this year.

The answers to the maths tasks will be given the next day so you will be able to go through and mark your answers.

Happy learning.

Mrs Welsby and Mrs Rowley



This past week, we have been learning all about fractions.

Year 3 – find your maths fractions packs. Complete the year 3 fraction problems. Explain to a grown-up which part of the fraction is the denominator and which part is the numerator.

Year 4 – find your maths fractions packs. Complete the adding and subtraction fractions with the same denominator. Answer questions one and two from the problems on page 1.



The reading task today is a comprehension task. The answers are on the second page so please don’t look before you have answered! These sheets do not need to be printed – just write the answers to the questions in your books. Remember to put today’s date!



Last week, we acted out the rebellion by Boudicca and the Britons. We planned our own newspaper reports. If you have yours with you, you can use this. If not, you can use my ideas on this plan.  Today, write your first paragraph include the WWWWWH and your second paragraph. Don’t forget, this is where you give more details about what happened. We will continue this tomorrow so save some ideas and information for your last two paragraphs!




-less                -ly                   -ment             -ed                  -ing

Can you add the suffixes above to any of the following root words? How many different words can you make?

care                            run                             help                            proper

hope                          sure                            achieve                      rain

pain                            skip                             move                         close

enjoy                         curious                      point                          use


Now you have written your list, how many more words can you think of ending in each of the different suffixes?

Practise spelling these words. Use different strategies to help you learn them. Examples: