23 March 2020: F2 Home learning

Monday 23 March 2020

Words to read:




Was your child able to blend the four daily words today? Encourage your child to use their ‘phoneme fingers’ to help them when reading words.
A phoneme is a unit of sound. So when sounding out words with digraphs/trigraphs those 2/3 letters is one unit of sound. For example; chip is sounded out as ch/i/p – using 3 fingers.

Phonics Activity: Twinkl- Draw a line to match the caption with the picture (see page 5 in your pack)

Literacy Activity
Visit pobble365.com. This website has daily pictures. Use the arrows to find the most interesting picture you can (or use today’s daily photo) Discuss the photo and write what you can see. Perhaps you are even inspired to come up with your own story based on the image!

Did your child have a favourite picture? Did your child make up their own story? Let us know via email. With each photo there are story starters and questions to help encourage your child’s imagination.

Maths Activity Twinkl
Finding One Less:

If you do not have toy cars, you can use anything! Dolls, teddies, pieces of food- any objects you can count!
Challenge: Can you record your findings either by drawing your objects and crossing on off each time or writing it as a number sentence (ie. 5-1=4)

What objects did you use when finding one less?
Was your child able to predict without counting?

Please use the email address below if you have any questions about the home learning activities.