25 March 2020: Home learning

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Year 5 Maths Task

Starter: write down 6 6-digit numbers. Round each number to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

For example:

357214            Rounded to the nearest 10= 357210

Rounded to the nearest 100= 357200

Rounded to the nearest 1000= 357000

Your learning today is addition using column addition.

Yesterday, you completed some column addition calculations. Can you create 4 word problems that would involve using this method? Can you solve your own word problems?

Challenge: write any addition of three 4-digit numbers where the answer is between 28,550 and 28,650.

Can you find solutions:

Year 6 maths task

Answers from yesterday:

Month Cans sold Rounded to the nearest 10,000
January 1,436,259 1,440,000
February 1,839,627 1,840,000
March 2,599,170 2,600,000
April 1,876,254 1,880,000
May 1,431,109 1,430,000
June 1,232,637 1,230,000
July 1,209,276 1,210,000

March is the month in which the number of cans sold is the same whether it is rounded to the nearest 10,000 or 100,000.

Starter: spend at least 15 minutes honing your rock skills on Times Tables Rockstars.

 Your learning today is negative numbers.

Draw a number line from  -20 to 20.

Using the number line answer these questions.

What is 6 less than 4?

What is 5 more than -2?

What is the difference between 3 and -5?

Challenge: write your own set of similar questions with answers.

Writing task (Y5 & 6)

Here are the answers to yesterday’s learning.

Task one: Punctuate the following sentences correctly.

“I can’t wait for Friday,” exclaimed Brian. “The trampoline park will be amazing!”

Pupils could have also used an exclamation mark. Pupils could have used a full stop.

“Grace held her hands over her eyes, “I can’t watch! It’s so intense!”

Pupils could have also used a full stop, a comma or a dash.

Task two: Re-write the following sentence with the said clause in a different place. Check for correct punctuation.

“The water is way too cold! I can’t swim in that!” said Lucy.

Lucy shouted, “The water is way too cold! I can’t swim in that!”

“The water is way too cold!” exclaimed Lucy. “I can’t swim in that!”

Challenge: The three sentences should be punctuated correctly. Check specifically for inverted commas around what is being said. The said clause should have been placed at the beginning, middle and end (one for each sentence).

Your learning today is to write descriptively.

Your task is to write a character description of your choice. This should be about one paragraph in length. By the end of the week, you will have created a story involving a character, a setting and a dilemma.

For your character description, you need to think about:

Here is an example of a character description…

Ragnar ‘shaggy breeches’ Lothbrok. A leader of men, a Viking legend in his own right, and a father to many sons. Ragnar was a distinctive man, who could not be mistaken for any other. His eyes were blue seas, clouded by a thunderous frown. An uncut, ragged ponytail hung from his head, with markings of snakes and war printed across his skull. Echoes of his fearsome roar could be heard across oceans, leaving enemies fleeing for their lives. A silver shafted sword hung from a sheath buckled on his right side. 

Challenge: Draw your character and label them with the key features you’ve described above. How about you and someone else in your family both do this without showing each other? Then, compare them – if they’re similar in some ways then you’ve likely written an effective character description. If they’re not, maybe one of you hasn’t practised their art skills that much, yet.

Reading task

Your learning today is a RIC.

Read the extract of the text and then answer the below questions. We will give you the correct answers tomorrow.

Retrieval question: according to the text, what was Skuli not holding?

Interpret question: look at extract 2. How do you know Gunnar’s father’s and Skuli’s relationship is not a positive one.

Explain two ways, giving evidence from the text to support your answer.  

Choice question: look at extract 1.

Find and copy one group of words that shows us that Gunnar does not like Skuli.

Challenge: create your own RIC for someone at home to complete – you could have as many questions as you like.

Bonus task: today, I’d like you to do something really important. Reach out to a friend from school. Use whatever technology you can to speak to someone from school; even better if this is someone you haven’t spoken to yet. We’re all going to feel a little lonely over the coming weeks and staying in touch will make you feel better – promise! Give it a go.

Don’t forget, there’s plenty of other things you can be doing at home, too. This web post from Mr Roundtree (School’s closed: how to support your child’s home learning – 23 March 2020) has loads of great information and ideas for things to do at home.