1 April 2020 : Home learning

Wednesday 01 April 2020

Happy April Fools Day!

We are in the fourth month of 2020 already! Sing the months of the year song – https://youtu.be/JABPMyXTZcs

Maths – addition using part whole models

We use part whole models to help us represent number stories and calculations. From a part whole model, a ‘fact family’ can be created. These are calculations that are closely related and match the part whole model. There is an example below.

Look at the other part whole models, copy them into your home learning book and write the addition fact families to go with them.

Challenge : Draw your own part whole model and write the addition fact family to go with it.

Reading – phonics

Copy the questions below into your home learning book. Add sound buttons to the words that you need to sound out (your child should know what these are and there is an example below). Write yes or no to answer them.

Can a boat sail?

Would you scream if you saw a snake?

Has a frog got sharp claws?

Challenge : Think of some more yes/no questions of your own.

Topic – jokes!

It’s April Fools Day. Tell some jokes to your family. Here are some ideas or you could find/tell some of your own.