02 April 2020: Home learning

Thursday 02 April 2020

Happy Thursday!

Remember to keep sending us pictures of your learning and any other activities you’re doing at home.

Send it to both teachers so we can both have a look.



Here are the answers to yesterday’s learning for year 3 and year 4.


Year 3 – find your addition and subtracting packs. Complete the “subtracting 2 digit numbers from 3 digit numbers – no exchanging” page. Remember to be careful where you place your numbers. Keep the ones under the ones column and tens under the tens column.

Year 4 – find your addition and subtraction packs. Complete the “Using inverse operations to check addition and subtraction calculations” page. Pretend you are Mrs Rowley or Mrs Welsby and mark the maths learning. Are the answers right or wrong? Can you find where they have gone wrong if the answer is wrong?


Find out all about the ‘Wooden Allfather‘ in today’s reading activity.


After Jesus was arrested, he was taken to be tried.  Peter was the leader of the disciples — the most confident, and perhaps the one you might
expect to stick with Jesus at his arrest. But after Jesus’ arrest, Peter denied Jesus three times – just like Jesus predicted.

33 Peter said, “All the other followers may lose their faith because of you. But I will never lose my faith.” 34 Jesus said, “I tell you the truth. Tonight you will say you don’t know me. You will say this three times before the rooster crows.” 35 But Peter said, “I will never say that I don’t know you! I will even die with you!” And all the other followers said the same thing. Matthew 26: 33-35.

Have a look at this video of Peter denying Jesus.

Tell an imaginary story about yourself. Use your dramatic side! Your best friend has just ignored you in the supermarket, as if they didn’t know you. Next, someone came up to them and said, ‘You are friends with him/her, aren’t you?’ and they looked at you and said, ‘I’ve no idea who they are!’ and walked off. Explain how you felt. How would the pupils feel? You could write this as a story or you could draw a comic strip and speech bubbles – the choice is yours!