02 April 2020

Thursday 02 April 2020

Good morning everyone- I hope you’re all OK. Did anyone manage to write their own poem for the Leeds United challenge? If so, please can you try and email it to me so I can have a read.

Answers to yesterday’s maths learning:

Answers to fluency task


Rosie has £300 in her bank account. Tommy has 100 times more than Rosie in his bank account.

How much more money does Tommy have than Rosie?

Tommy has £30,000. Tommy has £29,700 more than Rosie. 

Maths task:

Today’s learning is multiplication. 

Year 5 learning task

Year 6 learning task

Writing task:

Use this picture as a stimulus to write your own short story (under 200 words).

Reading task:

Read the poem by William Blake.

Complete the questions. Decide which level you want to have a go at: 1 star (easiest)to 3 star (hardest). The answers are available, so you can mark your own work afterwards.

Can you write some of your own questions for the poem?