2 April 2020 : Home learning

Thursday 02 April 2020

Hello everyone. Keep going with your reading, times tables and spellings each day. You can also warm up by singing the days of the week song – https://youtu.be/zJLiJIf8c_c

Maths – subtraction using part whole models

We use part whole models to help us represent number stories and calculations. From a part whole model, a ‘fact family’ can be created. These are calculations that are closely related and match the part whole model. There is a subtraction fact family example below.

Look at the other part whole models, copy them into your home learning book and write the subtraction fact families to go with them.

Challenge : Draw your own part whole model and write the subtraction fact family to go with it.


Read the words below. Copy these words into your home learning book and make them plurals by adding ‘s’ or ‘es’:








Challenge: Put those words into sentences. Remember your ‘must dos’.

Play a game on Phonics Play – https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/

Art : drawing

There are some great ‘How to draw…’ guides on YouTube or you could use the example below to draw a teddy.

How to draw a cat https://youtu.be/oJntsEBNalM

Pug https://youtu.be/H7Gp-GRnGdA

Easter bunny https://youtu.be/xMa5gsmZwHs

Send us pictures of your favourite drawing, if you can!